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The Spinward War: Admiral Lhule to Command TMF Fleets

Just two weeks after the official start of the TradeMain Foundation, the goverment has moved to take unified command of the military.  Former Corona Navy Admirals Lhule and Therrikka have been dispatched to Joloch to set up operations and coordinate the defense of the TMF from the alien Visitors.

Admiral Yethtot Lhule has been a respected officer in the Corona Navy for many years.  A noble of Bactar, he is regarded as one of Yonder's most accomplished military strategists.  He has been appointed Commander-in-Chief of the TMF Navy.

Admiral Ugli Therrikka has also served in the Corona Navy.  He was particularly well-known as the commander of the 3rd Expeditionary Force, popularized by the movie Strange War.  He will take over command of the elite scorpiu-fleet, and will be acting directly under the orders of Admiral Lhule.