Joloch / Scorpio / Foreven

The Spinward War: Therrikka to defend Federu; TMF safe

Admiral Lhule, C-inC of the TMF forces, has announced that his priority is to expand the protection of Yonder by moving the defensive line towards the enemy.

The famous Admiral Therrikka will take the elite scorpiu-fleet to Federu.  His mission will not only be to establish a solid defensive position, but to invite the system to join the TradeMain Foundation.  Federu, like the other systems abandoned by Scorpionis during their retreat to Jusk, was bombarded by ortillery to render the system less useful to the supposed advancing Visitors.  Therrikka is to aid the civilians in rebuilding their facilities and bringing the system back to its pre-war state.

The scorpiu-fleet has a full complement of crack marine troops, who will dig in to ensure that facilities in Federu cannot be used by an invading enemy.

With the systems of Jusk and Federu secure, this ensures the safety of the TMF even if the Visitors develop Jump-3 technology -- an unlikely scenario, but a prudent precaution.