Jusk / Scorpio / Foreven

The Spinward War: Lhule Reorganizes TradeMain Navy

Admiral Yethtot Lhule, C-in-C of the TradeMain Foundation Navy, has arrived in the fortress system of Jusk and taken charge in dramatic fashion.

A major shake-up has been implemented in the former Scorpionis Navy fleets, with the upper command echelons being almost completely replaced.  Exercises and training sessions have been started to improve military methodology.  Lhule, as one of the foremost military strategists in Yonder, has stated that one of the goals is to focus on strategic maneuvering and jump-attack techniques.

In a surprising move, Admiral "Butcher" Cartha, the man responsible for the Darthlaru atrocities, is to retain command of the liberty-fleet.  He has been directed to prepare that fleet for rapid deployment into battle at short notice.

From all these moves, it is clear that Lhule intends for the TMF Navy to take the war to the Visitors, not sit around in defensive strongpoints.