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The Spinward War: FarSpacers Raid Staru

A TMF Navy spokesman announced that two ships from the Imperial FarSpace Service have conducted a raid on the system of Staru, which has been occupied by the alien Visitors for about eight months.  It is significant that the FarSpacers are the first ships to have entered a system occupied by the enemy and returned from the experience.

A small amount of information was available about the state of the Staru system.  Market City has barely survived at the outskirts, the center being totally destroyed including the starport and industrial districts.  It seems that the remaining civilians are being forced to work for the Visitors, no doubt as slave labor.  Active resistance to the Visitors still continues on P3-15, with ground combat in progress while the raid took place.

The two ships, one a 2000t Merchant Cruiser, the other a 3000t FarSpace Destroyer, engaged in combat with seven 1000t BOXER class enemies at the 10d limit of the mainworld.  The battle rapidly escalated to a nuclear exchange, in addition to conventional weapons.  While no ships were destroyed, at least three of the Visitor ships were rendered inoperable, and substantial damage was inflicted on the others.

Both FarSpacer ships suffered damage in the battle, but both returned safely with no loss of life.  The ships are currently being repaired here at TMF Naval facilities; they are expected to be back in service within a week.

The Navy spokesman further stated that while plans are being developed to retake Staru, it is unlikely to be an option until more information has been gathered.  He pointed out that both the coruska-fleet and the victory-fleet were totally lost in battle for this system, and it was important to avoid similar losses in future.