Jusk / Scorpio / Foreven

The Staru War: Eyewitness Report

Today a press conference was held with Ensign Zeli Garratea, commander of the Scorpionis Navy when relieved eight days ago in Staru.  He described his experiences in the Staru War:

    "Yes, I was commander of the Scorpionis Navy in Staru.  I came in with the victory-fleet under Admiral Kallathi on 096, after we won the Battle of Dulu.  We found a system totally occupied by the cockroaches, with only some debris to indicate that the coruska-fleet had ever been here.  We expected trouble, and found it.
    "For the first ten days, neither side had the advantage.  We had ground troops and naval engagements all through the system.  Ten days in, though, we had a big battle around P4.  The Admiral went down with his ship, the Heavy Battleship Lollipop, and Rear Admiral Aliotski took over command on the Strike Cruiser Walking Man.  We had just fifty ships left after that battle, and the roaches were pretty smashed up too.  The Walking Man even took out a BRICK class, pretty much by itself.
    "After that the roaches pulled back to the inner orbits of the primary, while we took our marines and secured the enemy base on S2.  We held the secondary.  We all stood back for a while to rebuild our forces, and the roaches did the same.
    "Still, we put a big spanner in their works on 110, when we launched an invasion of P3-15.  Unfortunately the roaches had command of airspace, and we couldn't bring ortillery to bear on their bases.  That's when the marines went to ground and fought a resistance action for the rest of the war.  At that point we were concerned that we were all that was left of Scorpionis.  The Rear Admiral died of his wounds two days later, and Captain Drassaki took command of the Walking Man and the fleet.
    "We managed to contact the resistance on Staru, and we able to get supplies out to the marines in orbit three on an irregular basis.  The resistance also did a lot of sabotage of the roach facilities on the mainworld.
    "Well, we spent a few months working on our ships, and launched a big attack on the Korokal station.  That would have been on 291.  We trounced them but good, wiped out their base completely.
    "The next day we moved on to Staru itself.  We had an enormous battle in close orbit, and a lot of ships on both sides fell down the well.  We emptied everything we had on the cockroach base at the starport area, but it wasn't enough to take out their facilities.  Then Captain Drassaki took the helm of the Walking Man himself, and plunged it down into the bases.  That wiped out all the stinking roach facilities there.
    "Lieutenant Walthur was then in command.  We rushed the Light Cruiser Salathea back into action soon after, and Wallie took that as his flagship.
    "Something struck fear into the roaches a couple of months after that, because on 345 they threw everything they had left into a battle with us for the secondary.  They nuked our base on S2, and Wallie went down with the Salathea in the battle for the S3 gas giant.
    "Well, they pretty much wiped us out.  Only my destroyer, the Yulethiqi, was left.  Second Lieutenant Derrino was in command of the ship, and of the Navy of course.  We took off for S3-15 to join the resistance.  The Yuletiqi was in no shape to land, but the supplies were important so we crash-landed and took to the jungle with the marines.  I took command a day later when Derrino died of bung fever.  That's where we stayed until we were relieved."

Garratea was then asked about the aliens, what they were like.  He said:

    "They're ugly and they smell really bad. They are nasty, look a bit like enormous cockroaches.  They're horrible, ugly, they smell and they eat people.  They torture their prisoners before questioning them, and they flay people alive.  They fight like demons.  We have to wipe them out."