Jusk / Scorpio / Foreven

The Spinward War: Cartha Liberates Staru, Crushes Enemy

In a resounding victory over the cockroach-like Visitors, Admiral "Butcher" Cartha and the liberty-fleet have completely eliminated all enemy presence in the Staru system.

This brings to an end the Visitor occupation of Staru, which began on 070-1117.  Unfortunately it has come much too late for the civilian population of the former Scorpionis member.  The former UWP of C244536-6 Ag Ni 805 is now reported as X244262-4 Lo Ni 905 -- of 800,000 original inhabitants, a mere nine hundred survived the Staru War.  Those brave souls are now struggling to build a new colony, farming the shattered soil around the ruins of Market City.  What is left of that city, once the prime agricultural commodity market of Scorpionis, has been abandoned.

Nevertheless, Staru is now free.  With freedom will come recolonization and rebuilding, a symbol of the new hope of humanti against the ravaging cockroaches.  With this victory, Admiral Cartha has turned the tide of the Spinward War, and shown that the TradeMain Foundation has the power to drive the enemy back to Beyond.

Staru will remain under Naval administration.  It will be rated an Amber Zone until local civilian starport and support facilities are available.