Jusk / Scorpio / Foreven

The Spinward War: Enemy Defeated at Dulu, Civilian Casualties Heavy

Admiral Cartha's liberty-fleet of the TMF Navy, fresh from liberating the occupied system of Staru from the cockroaches several months ago, has won another victory.  This time the location is Dulu.

The Second Battle of Dulu began on 121-1118, as roach ships gathered around the secondary and moved in on the defensive stand in the primary orbits.  The battle raged for sixteen days throughout the system, but finally The Butcher's fleet was victorious and destroyed the invaders.

Collateral damage was unavoidably heavy.  Roach bombardment of civilian targets continued throughout the battle, and the infrastructure of the system has suffered greatly.

Dulu is to be considered an Amber Zone until further notice.  Admiral Cartha's fleet will remain on station here to defend the whole of Yonder against the rampaging aliens.

The mainworld has been transferred from P5-45 (now X240000-0) to P5-12.  The system UWP has been reclassified from C240678-6 to X774226-4.  Other system updates are available from all usual chart sources, and must be obtained before attempting to jump to Dulu.