Lirian / Lirian / Foreven

Superpower Fleets Are Good Business

The Lirian Conglomerate has welcomed the Zhodani/Imperial superpower fleets with open arms, and they are responding with open wallets.

A long way from home, our guests are eager to sample the delights of Yonder culture, and generous shore leave has filled our casinos and clubs to capacity.  Contrary to reputation, the spacers from trailing have been excellent guests -- not one arrest has taken place during the first night of entertainment!

Suppliers and chandlers are also seeing a boom in business, as the fleets require materials and services to maintain them on their way to the front line of the Spinward War.

In order to move on to the front at Dulu they must obtain permission not only from the TradeMain Foundation, but also from the Tail Nations.  Diplomatic couriers are working towards that goal while the fleets here are refitted and serviced.

In the meantime, the Lirian Conglomerate reaps the benefits of our well-heeled guests!