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Lirian Says Goodbye to Superpowers

The combined Zhodani / Imperial fleets left the capital of the Lirian Conglomerate today on their way to the front line of the Spinward War.  We wish them the best of luck, and certainly will welcome them on their way back home.

The navy forces from trailing have been wonderful guests during their stay here.  Over those two weeks there have been no incidents whatsover involving the offworlders, and the surge of extra business to both ship-related companies and to our casinos has sparked a boom in the Conglomerate economy.

The fleets plan to travel to Jusk.  There they are then expected to discuss strategy with TradeMain Foundation commander-in-chief Admiral Yethtot Lhule.  No doubt they will learn much from the Bactar noble, whose reputation as a military strategist extends well beyond his native sector.