Jusk / Scorpio / Foreven

The Spinward War: Superpowers to Make Stand at Dulu

After three days of discussions with Admiral Yethtot Lhule -- and TMF and Tail Nation diplomats -- the Zhodani fast courier Ste'saja is on its way back to the combined superpower fleets, currently at Karakus.  On arrival, the superpowers will be told that they are to occupy Dulu, relieving Admiral Cartha's liberty-fleet in the defense of Yonder.

The liberty-fleet is due for a well-earned rest.  After liberating Staru and winning the war in that system, they then defeated the roaches in the Second Battle of Dulu before becoming our front line defense against the aliens.  The superpower fleets are also expected to take an active role in TMF plans to counter the threat from Beyond sector.