Jusk / Scorpio / Foreven

Red Zone: Dulu;
Civilians to be Evacuated

In advance of the superpower arrival in Dulu, the system that stands as the fortress to protect Yonder from the cockroaches, Admiral Lhule announced that all civilians would be temporarily evacuated from the farming community.

Dulu, which has allied itself with the Tail Nations since Admiral "Butcher" Cartha's defense of the system in the Second Battle of Dulu last year, will fall completely under military administration.  Since it is expected to be the site of further incursions by the roaches -- and their massive indescriminate attacks on civilian targets -- it has been decided that the civilians should leave until their home is once again deemed safe.

TradeMain Foundation member Staru has volunteered to donate land and equipment to the refugees, who will be able to continue their farming way of life on their temporary new home.

With the military taking over administration of Dulu, only authorized military ships will be permitted in the system.  All other ships will be treated as potentially hostile and engaged as such.

Dulu is to be classed as a Red Zone until the Spinward War is over.