Dulu / Scorpio / Foreven

The Spinward War: Faranu Liberated, Aliens Driven from Yonder!

The fleet of the Third Imperium has struck the first superpower blow against the cockroaches.  Leaving the Zhodani Consulate fleet at Dulu, Grand Admiral Winchester took his forces into Faranu, which had been under the yoke of the cockroaches for two and a half years.

The Battle of Faranu raged for three days from 226-1119 to 229-1119, and ended with a total victory for the Imperium.  Faranu has now been returned to its surviving citizens, protected from a counter-attack by the fortress at Dulu.  The astrography of the area prevents an attack by the roaches without coming through Dulu first.

With this victory, Yonder sector has been rid of the alien invaders.  The site of the first roach attack -- Faranu on 062-1117 -- has been liberated, and along with it the hopes of the entire sector.