Dulu / Scorpio / Foreven

The Spinward War: Taking the War to the Enemy

Five days after the victories Imperial fleet arrived insystem here at the Fortress of Dulu, the superpowers are in action again.  This time it is the Zhodani Consulate who will strike into cockroach territory itself.

The target system has been called Romanowa / / Whitestar by the FarSpacers who first reconnoitered the area.  The superpowers are calling Beyond sector by the name Whitestar to avoid confusion with another sector called The Beyond.  Since forces representing Yonder are about to strike into the sector to spinward of us, it is no longer "beyond" our influence.  The Yonder Veterans Network has endorsed the new name, and it will appear on all future charts of the sector.

While the Zhodani are on the offensive, the Imperial fleet has plans to improve the defense of the Fortress.  Grand Admiral Winchester has stated that the superpowers do not intend a permanent presence in Yonder, and that if the threat from the aliens proves substantial enough they can take extra steps to ensure that Dulu will not be taken.