Dulu / Scorpio / Foreven

The Spinward War: Alien Losses Heavy at Romanowa

The Zhodani fleet has returned to Dulu with news of a major battle in Romanowa / / Whitestar.  On 246-1119 the superpower fleet entered the system to find a massive military buildup of cockroach forces.  Over the next three days the Battle of Romanowa was fought throughout the enemy system, but with most action concentrated around a gas giant.

On 249-1119, having inflicted very heavy losses on the enemy forces, the Zhodani fleet jumped back to Dulu.  No report was available concerning Zhodani losses, nor was their commander available for comment.

Grand Admiral Winchester, commanding the Imperial fleet committed to the defense of Dulu, stated that the strike had achieved its major goals.  There was no intention to hold Romanowa, but rather to attack the system where the cockroaches would have to build up forces before invading Yonder again.  It was clear from the numbers in that system that the buildup was almost complete, and so the Zhodani have executed a mission kill on the cockroach invasion fleet.

Not only that, the Grand Admiral continued, but now the aliens would have to expend major resources on system defenses in Romanowa.  In this way the Zhodani pullout actually cost the enemy more than if they had pressed the engagement and taken the system.

He also announced that at this point the Zhodani fleet was no longer needed to defend Yonder, and so would be returning to the Consulate forthwith.  The forces of the Third Imperium would remain for some time to continue fortification.