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Not So Super Power: Zhodani Surrender to Lorkin Navy

A spokesman for the government announced that the Zhodani fleet, which had been engaged in battle with the Lorkin Navy since early yesterday, has surrendered.

This reporter has independently verified this outlandish claim.  The navy of this backwater independent world has indeed obtained the surrender of the superpower Zhodani fleet.  Zhodani ships at the trailing end of the jump into the system are being ordered to stand down, and are being boarded by Lorkin naval personnel without any further resistance.

The spokesman went on to say that while the ships would be retained and refitted to the standards of the Lorkin Navy, that all prisoners would eventually be released unharmed.  One Zhodani fast courier has been permitted to leave, carrying Lorkin diplomats to Zhodane to negiotiate terms of repatriation.