Dulu / Scorpio / Foreven

The Spinward War: Yonder safe -- but at what price?

Grand Admiral Winchester held a press conference today aboard his flagship, at which he stated that the Imperial fleet had achieved all its goals.  They would be leaving for the Imperium in a few days.

He stated that as the Imperial fleet left Dulu, they would take action to ensure that the system would defend itself.  It would not be possible to use Dulu as a staging point for an invasion of Yonder.  In fact, Dulu should remain a Red Zone, as any ships jumping into this system after the Imperial fleet leaves would almost certainly be destroyed.  It would, however, ensure the safety of Yonder and enable the Imperial fleet to return home.

A question and answer session followed.

What Imperial forces would remain in Dulu to defend it, and how would they be resupplied?
    "No forces will remain behind in Dulu."
Is it true that your fleet contains ships of the Darrian Special Arm?
    "No Darrian forces accompanied our fleet.  This is a purely Imperial unit."
So you will not be using the Darrian Star Trigger?
    "We will not.  No systems outside Dulu will be impacted."
Does the Imperium possess a tactical star trigger such as was tested at Zett, and is that how you intend to deny the system to all ships?
    "It is strict Imperial Navy policy to neither confirm nor deny the possession of any weapon system by the Imperium.  As for the situation at Zett, I am not personally familiar with the system, but I am sure the Imperium is not responsible for any problems there."
Why did the Zhodani attack Lorkin?
   " I can only assume it was a misunderstanding and not a deliberate attack.  I will personally ensure that no problems arise during our own return to the Imperium."

At this point an aide called the Grand Admiral out of the conference.  He expressed his regret at not being able to answer any further questions.

The real question that arises, though, is whether it is worth sacrificing a whole system to ensure temporary safety.  Surely the refugees from Dulu, on their supposedly temporary farms on Staru, will not see it that way.