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The Spinward War: Imperial Fleet Leaves Yonder

A year and a half since the final battle driving the cockroaches from Yonder, the Imperial Fleet under Grand Admiral Winchester today jumped out of our sector back into the Imperium.  The brave fleet was given a triumphant and gracious send-off, yet amid murmurings that they had overstayed their welcome.

There have been no signs of the enemy since the Zhodani raid on Romanowa / / Whitestar from 246 to 249-1119.  Grand Admiral Winchester leaves Yonder with many unanswered questions, however, mostly concerning the fate of Dulu.  Apparently the system has been rendered incapable of supporting an invasion fleet again, but the method used to achieve this -- whether use of an Imperial Star Trigger such is rumored to have been used also at Zett, or by some other means -- has been a closely guarded secret.