Hinay / Urnian / Foreven

Protectorate Defeats Imperial Invaders

Almost a week ago, on 081-1122, an Imperial battle group led by the Tigress Class Dreadnought Llannamith arrived unannounced in the Capital of the Hinay Protectorate.  Immediately shots were fired, escalating into a full scale military action.

In the ensuing battle, three Protectorate Navy cruisers and twelve destroyers, along with other vessels and fighters, were lost in the defense of their nation.  In return, heavy losses were inflicted on the Imperial forces causing them to negotiate an end to hostilities.  The Imperial ships were escorted out of the system today.

The Hinay Protectorate considers this act of aggression by the Imperium to be an act of war, which they have graciously set aside in good faith in view of the arrangements leading to the retreat of the Imperial fleet.  Nevertheless, the Protectorate has enacted severe restrictions on Imperial activity within its borders, including movement of citizens of the Imperium.  The Travellers Aid Society is permitted to continue operation, and any non-military Imperial citizens with no outstanding offences to their record can reside at TAS facilities or leave on TAS arranged charter flights to the Imperium.

Protectorate forces remain on alert, but a government spokesman has said that the Imperium has always negotiated in good faith in the past and no further hostilities are expected.