Staru / Scorpio / Foreven

President of Dulu Takes Office, Vows to Reclaim System

Citizens of Dulu, displaced to Staru while the superpowers secured their home system against the possibility of another cockroach invasion, have completed the final stages of forming a government in exile.  Today ex-farmer Tothi Grannaria was unanimously appointed to the office of President For Life, as laid out in the Constitution which had been ratified several months previously.

In his inaugural address, President For Life Grannaria paid homage to those who had died over the course of the Spinward War, and vowed to honor their memory by returning the survivors to the farmlands of the Dulu system.  She was cheered loudly by the assembled refugees, and applauded by Ambassadors to Dulu from both the TradeMain Foundation and the Tail Nations, who wholeheartedly support her goal.

Of course there are major obstacles facing the new Politburo, not the least of which is the system denial process set in place by the superpowers before they left.  It is not known whether Dulu is even inhabitable, but President For Life Grannaria is determined to resettle no matter what it takes.  The Marshall of the Combined Forces of Dulu, on whom the task of assessing the situation will fall, has the full support of the TradeMain Foundation Navy and has been offered substantial resources to assist him.

President For Life Grannaria stated that while her nation will work closely with the Tail Nations and maintain open and friendly relations with the TradeMain Foundation, Dulu would no longer be subject to the heel of Imperialism in any form and will remain steadfastly independent.

A FarSpacer representative at the inauguration confirmed that the IFSS will work with the Imperium to determine what needs to be done to restore the system and yet still maintain it as the defensive chokepoint between Yonder and Whitestar sector.

The unprecedented diplomatic work that has gone into the refounding of the nation of Dulu would seem to bode well for its future.  It is surely just a matter of time until this historic system is resettled by its rightful inhabitants.