Hinay / Urnian / Foreven

Imperials Again Attack Protectorate Capital, Again Defeated

In a treacherous violation of the terms after the last invasion of the Capital of the Hinay Protectorate, on 229-1122 the same Imperial battle group returned to launched another unprovoked attack.  This time the Imperials came in with a new ferocity, indiscriminantly using nuclear weapons against the defenders.  Fortunately the Protectorate Navy was already on heightened alert, and responded quickly and effectively.

This time the fighting was concentrated around the gas giant which the mainworld itself orbits, threatening to spread from a purely military action to involve civilian targets.  The Protectorate forces, however, defended fiercely and were able to keep the action close to the gas giant itself.

Casualties were heavy on both sides, as the Protectorate Navy fought the more advanced Imperials to a standstill.  Finally the defenders broke through the escort screen and pressed an attack against the flagship dreadnought Llannamith itself.  With the Imperial flagship heavily damaged and their ships running out of fuel, the Protectorate offered an armistice to head off the possibility of the invaders attacking the mainworld in desperation.  The offer was accepted.

The Hinay Protectorate and the Imperium are still in a state of war.  Hostilities have ceased with the armistice, but Protectorate officials have stated that the Imperials have proved untrustworthy already and any action other than total compliance will result in further action against the so-called superpower.  Imperial influence and incursions are no longer acceptable in Yonder.

Today the Imperial battle group left, generously refuelled and in a state of partial repair, sufficient to return to their native empire.  They will be escorted through Sterrit, and from there jump out of Yonder.