Martyn's Traveller Links

For most links I recommend you use the excellent

Traveller Jump Points

on David "Hyphen" Jaques-Watson's pages.

I used to maintain my own list, but Hyphen does it so much better.  He includes almost everything I had, and more, and like I said does it better too.

The links below are therefore mostly for my convenience... :-)

(They are also mostly out of date!)

Traveller Webrings
Home Page Index Purpose
Traveller WebRing index Traveller sites in general
Traveller Deckplans WebRing index designs with deck plans
Traveller Gearhead WebRing index ships, designs, etc.
Traveller: Rivals of the Third Imperium index relating to the Traveller T4 sourcebook 'Pocket Empires' or alien races
Canonical Traveller Library Data
Site Owner Comments
Traveller Library Data David "Hyphen" Jaques-Watson Frame-based, extensive, hyperlinked, and very well organised
Traveller Library Data Mark Seemann Text-based, extensive and heavily hyperlinked.  I've used this (with permission) as the canon basis for my variant data.
Traveller Library Data Joe Heck, 
Missouri Archive
One big file
Traveller Infodata Library Peter Keel
List of Traveller worlds Mark Seemann Worlds mentioned in Traveller products
Traveller News Service GURPS 1116-on
Traveller News Services Imperium Games 0-on
TAS News Service Stewart Eyres The format is excellent... the data is not relevant to my campaigns, although it may be to others.
Traveller Integrated Timeline Don McKinney Use in conjunction with Timeline Explanations
Some Traveller Sites I Use Frequently
Site Comments
Andy Akin
(frames - noframes)
(CT) (T4) The source for ship design spreadsheets: FFSv2  (T4); Robots (CT:bk8); Simple Ship Design System (T4).  Also IDEX (CT).  Apparently this site will have a whole bunch of other very useful stuff... eventually.
Dave's Traveller Site Dave Golden always has been a fine source...
Freelance Traveller Jeff Zeitlin maintains this resource for all aspects of Traveller.  It contains some real gems:  consumer goods write-ups, cultural notes, fiction, artwork, and indispensible rule modifications like alternate T4 task systems.  This site will also be incorporating the RICE archives.
TRAVELLER - Science Fiction Adventure on the WWW YOW! :-)
Traveller, Science Fiction Adventure in the Far Future Including the Missouri Archive (in turn including RICE papers)
Traveller Alien Pages
Alien Type Homeworld Comments
Geonee Human Shiwonee / Massilia High gravity, dense atmosphere
Luriani Human Daramm / Ley Amphibian
Sayat Human Marhach / unspec. Monosexual communists, cold- and hypoxia-tolerant
In the BARD CARI pages are quite a few minor human and non-human aliens, which I (obviously) have yet to add to this table.
Other Traveller Sites
Site Contents include
Active Traveller Campaigns A list of them
All the Scripts in the World All the scripts (forms of writing) used for real (and a few other) languages.
Andrew Boulton (MT) Grav Ball (background and rules), and a Campaign Diary with news reports (Solomani Rim 1117-1120).
BARD Main Page (TNE) Bureau of Aggregate Reference Data -- Reformation Coalition compilation of library data. 
  • CARI - Coalition Abstracts of Racial Information.
  • DANI - Descriptive Abstracts on Notable Individuals.
  • GAIL - Generally Available Information Library.
  • HANA - Historical Archive Narative Agency.
  • ICIS - Interplanetary Corporate Information System.
  • JESS - Journal for the Education of Sentient Society.
  • MARI - Mission Assessment and Ranking Information.
  • OPAL - Office of the Planetary Advisory Liaison.
  • PERI - Pocket Empire Reference Information.
  • SARA - Starship Abstract and Registration Archive.
  • VERA - Vehicle and Equipment Registration Archive.
Carlos Alos-Ferrer (MT) (TNE) (T4) The Geonee Online Sourcebook (qv); contains settings for Milieu Zero, the Rebellion, and TNE.  Also Beyond the Extents, Carlos' campaign universe.
Conspiracy Theories (TNE) An interesting set of essays which provide possible answers to the unsolved mysteries of the New Era.
Dawn of The New Era (TNE) A fairly extensive TNE site; several starship designs.  Clearly a work in progress.
The Dishani Combine Deals primarily with subsector M of The Empty Quarter (Eperdish), including library data, UWP listings, chronology, history, and government.
etherflyer's Space: 1889 OK, so it's not strictly Traveller... :-)
etherflyer (Rob Prior) Still incomplete, except for many Language Tables.
Everything Traveller A listing of all the products for Traveller
GEO-HEX Miniatures -- not specifically for Traveller, but usable therein.
Harold Hale (TNE) A currently fairly sparse Keepers of the Flame site, but should exzpand with the advance of Project: Michelangelo and Project: da Vinci, online projects for a "2nd edition TNE".  What is not sparse, however, is the excellent Children of Earth setting (see separate listing).
HIWG New Zealand
  • HIWG NZ Document Archives 
  • Meshan Saga and Sector Work 
  • AAB Procedings Online
  • Traveller People Around The World (with links)
Hugh Foster (CT) Various software, mostly
Hyphen's Main Directory
Not-The-IG Website (T4) Includes IG News and IG Errata
Paolo Marino (T4) Adventure Ideas (inc. campaign outline), Characters, House Rules, ideas on hold, and Playing Aids
Traveller Alexandria Project Organized links to Traveller pages
Traveller Mailing List FAQ
The TML PBeM Home Page One of the oldest (possibly THE oldest) Traveller PBeM games in existence
The Zimiin Main (T4:M0)
  • Full write-up of the world Zimiin (2115 Core)
  • House Rules
  • Founder ShipWorks
  • PCs, NPCs, worlds and Creatures (small as of 08/98)
  • Imperial Ship Builders Association (An organization of Traveller Players)