House Rules

Although I have on occasion used rules "straight" with no modifications, I usually make some slight changes when I'm running a campaign. Often these rules evolve over the course of the game; these pages present the latest (or final) version of each set.


Main Rule Set Form(s)
MegaTraveller Blank Character Sheet
Blank Character Sheet with Generation additions
Ship Registration and Use


Main Rule Set Area(s) of change
MegaTraveller Space Combat
T4: Marc Miller's Traveller Task System
Space Combat
Character Generation

HTML Templates

Area of Use Template
Character Sheet Character Sheet with Generation additions
Library Data Library Data Index
Library Data Item
Subsector Library Data
News Service Item
Referee Library Data Item
World Summary Item
Astrographic Data System
Text Map
System Referee Notes
Local World Information
Xboat transit times (sector)
Campaign Information Campaign Session Log
Campaign Log Addendum
Ship Designs MegaTraveller Design
T4: Marc Miller's Traveller Design


For the time I'm just putting these tables here for my own use.  The color codes are those used by GALACTIC.  Eventually I'll get around to putting in full information for use with the GALACTIC program.

Jim Vassila's Galactic program, supporting software, and files for my galaxy are available as a Zip format file here: GALACTIC.ZIP .  This is only updated on a sporadic basis.  It's a full screen DOS program, so there's no "install" or anything, just unzip it and execute GALACTIC.EXE.

Reference Table

Allegiance World Jump Route
Ac Arabellan Constituencies Light Blue I 9 (none)
As Aslan Light Yellow N 14

Cs Client State Red D 4

Cw Cold Worlds Light Magenta M 13 (none)
Da Darrian Blue A 1 Light Green J 10
Dr Droyne Light Green J 10 (none)
Fa Federation of Arden Magenta E 5

Fe Federation Green B 2 (none)
Hp Hinay Protectorate Brown F 6 Light Yellow N 14
Im Imperial Light Red L 12 Green B 2
Lc Lirian Conglomerate Magenta E 5 Light Green J 10
Na Non-aligned White G 7 Brown F 6
Sw Sword Worlds Cyan C 3 Light Yellow N 14
Tf TradeMain Foundation Light Green J 10 Red D 4
Tn Tail Nations Cyan C 3 (none)
Va Vargr Light Magenta M 13

Zh Zhodani Light Cyan K 11 Light Magenta M 13
? unknown Dark Grey H 8

Lookup Table by Color

Color Imperial Foreven
Alleg J.R. Alleg J.R.
Blue A 1 Da
Green B 2
Im Fe
Cyan C 3 Sw
Red D 4 Cs
Cs Tf
Magenta E 5 Fa
Brown F 6

Hp Na
White G 7 Na
Dark Grey H 8 ?
Light Blue I 9

Light Green J 10 Dr Da Tf Lc
Light Cyan K 11 Zh (default) Zh
Light Red L 12 Im
Light Magenta M 13 Va Zh Va Cw
Light Yellow N 14 As Sw As Hp
Bright White O 15


Space Combat

I can't stand a space combat system without vector and thrust movement. This extension to the MegaTraveller rules incorporates these features. Also, this adds character (and optional NPC) skills to the rolls, and includes rules on breaking lock-on through pilot skill.

T4: Marc Miller's Traveller

Character Generation

Personally I liked the detailed year by year generation of MegaTraveller. I find it gives a solid base of detail on which to build a character. On the other hand, T4 has brought together the best of the CT and MT approaches, and it too is a good system.
br>Since both MT and T4 seem to generate similar characters, I will be allowing my players to use either system as they choose. Personally I prefer MT for those of a military career.

I will be using the "best dice" method of T4 for rolling stats, where the player rolls a handful or two :-) of dice and allocates them to stats as desired.

I will also be allowing this system for Decorations in Marc Miller's Traveller.

Space Combat

T4:MMT goes back to the Classic Traveller range band and High Guard Line / Reserve concepts. While I applaud this in principle, I liked my vector system for MT much better, and so will probably be adapting those rules to work with T4.

Task System

I feel strongly that the T4:MMT system puts too much emphasis on characteristics. I don't like the assertion that a character with a stat of 13 and skill-1 is better than a stat of 8 (well above average) and skill-5 (a brilliant expert).

I will be using Ken Bearden's Alternative Task System for Traveller. I will not be using aptitudes; I feel, like Ken, that these are adequately covered by the skill levels themselves.

A simple summary of the system is that the target number consists of (stat + 3 * skill), with (stat + skill) used for Jack of Trades. See the character sheet for the number of dice to roll, and spectacular success and failure.