Massina / Foreven

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Many of the worlds in this subsector are members of the Zhodani Consulate, but there is also a small Vargr group, called the "Cold Worlds".  Being so much on the border, this is a sensitive area for the Consulate, and travellers of all nationalities should use caution on Zhodani worlds in this sector.

Location Name UWP Base Trade z pag Polit Star(s)
Sect Sub Pri Sec
2604 0204 Anchorage C200A88-E Hi Na Va A 503 Zh K5 D M0 D
2805 0405 Boise B765758-A M Ag Ri A 201 Zh G1 D M0 D
3001 0601 Dorothy E74579D-6 Ag A 605 Zh F3 D M9 D
3105 0705 Duflos B667767-6 M Ag Ri A 904 Zh K3 V M7 D
2809 0409 Graces C9B4559-A M Ni 800 Cw M8 V
3003 0603 Jackson B31079A-C Na A 603 Zh F0 V M6 D
3203 0803 Mirage B5A6633-9 Fl Ni A 114 Zh F0 V
3205 0805 Narleen C210510-9 M Ni A 902 Zh G4 II M8 V
2710 0310 Nupt C8B9261-6 M Lo Ni 104 Cw M7 V G5 D
3103 0703 Radera D451430-5 Ni Po A 300 Zh M6 D
2810 0410 Remyot C3377AA-9 M 903 Cw M9 V
2908 0508 Soshall E00069B-4 As Na Ni 124 Na M5 V
2802 0402 Tect B322686-B M Na Ni Po A 410 Zh M1 V M0 D
3101 0701 Tonto C464332-8 Lo Ni A 222 Zh F1 V M9 D