Minim / Foreven

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Subsector Map
Worlds Library Data
The only political union within this subsector is the Arabellan Constituencies, headquartered at Arabell.
Location Name UWP Base Trade z pag Polit Star(s)
Sect Sub Pri Sec
1407 0607 Arabell C76A88A-9 Ri Wa 714 Ac F0 V
1206 0406 Glow C43168B-7 Na Ni Po 924 Ac M2 V
1003 0203 Gor X7B28AD-3 113 Na F6 D
1307 0507 Lickta C795373-7 Lo Ni 703 Ac F2 D M7 D
1302 0502 Minim A356100-D Lo Ni 503 Na F8 D
1409 0609 Zodling C55589C-3 M 702 Na F6 VI