Zardoz / Foreven

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Subsector Map
Worlds Library Data
A state of war exists between Delphin and nearby Tab in the Tab subsector.
Location Name UWP Base Trade z pag Polit Star(s)
Sect Sub Pri Sec
2406 0806 Cheryl C695534-8 Ag Ni 810 Na M2 VI M0 D
2202 0602 Corol C13059C-C De Ni Po 603 Na M6 V
2410 0810 Delphin B7A7220-B Fl Lo Ni A 804 Na G3 V
1701 0101 Doze B7A4767-B 303 Na M3 VI
1803 0203 Feren X7A1120-4 Lo Ni 204 Na M0 V
2210 0610 Holl C330889-9 M De Na Po 300 Na F9 D
2208 0608 Jarante E453ABA-B Hi Po 920 Na K4 D
2104 0504 Jufell E537540-3 Ni 702 Na M5 V