The Lunion Campaign

Set in the style of Classic Traveller, using modified MegaTraveller rules, this campaign ran for several years. The log was kept as the game was played -- initially by in-game recording (typing), later the sessions were audio-taped and the log taken from the transcription.

Table of Contents

Section Includes
Background Brief description of the background and events leading up to the campaign
Campaign Log Blow-by-blow account of the gaming sessions
Dramatis Personae The characters and notable NPC's
The Campaign Journey Where the characters were when -- a mini-timeline
Roach Weapons Table of the Cockroach infantry weapons
Rules: Ship Combat The set of House Rules used and modifications thereto
Ships Ship designs produced for this campaign
Timeline Timeline of events (background and otherwise)
Appendix 1: Attachments Various props
Appendix 2: The Staru War Timeline of the Staru War
Appendix 4: Music The background music for the gaming sessions


The Lunion Campaign is set against the background of a prosperous and peaceful Imperium. The Spinward Marches is one of those rare growth areas, a frontier sector in the process of being brought up to mainstream Imperial standards. While Imperial bureaucracy moves in from trailing, to spinward and rimward the frontier reaps the benefits of increased trade, and provides ample opportunity for enterprising Travellers to turn a good profit.

Part of what makes this possible is the atmosphere of cooperation and lasting peace between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate. It is well known that Duke Norris' strong diplomatic effort is what lead to this accord -- and earned him the title of Archduke.

What is not so well known is that he negotiated from a position of strength. An independent team working on the Sword Worlds border discovered a covert operation to infiltrate certain systems in the Marches in preparation for a pre-emptive Zhodani/Sword World strike. That strike was to have been the start of a Fifth Frontier War.

Confronted with these plans by Norris, the Zhodani came to the negotiating table -- but instead of the propaganda coup they expected, they found that Norris was offering an honest reasonable attempt to resolve differences.

The Zhodani, who had reluctantly been resigned to yet another Frontier War to curb Imperial expansionism, took the opportunity to negotiate a secure border without bloodshed.

Thus was the Fifth Frontier War averted and Norris raised to the title of Archduke. In the Marches, Emperor Strephon's rule (as implemented by Norris and his staff) is benign and popular. Throughout the Imperium, in fact, Strephon is more popular than ever. The age-old system of Emperor and nobles once again has proved its worth, and the status quo can continue uninterrupted.

"We have always been as we are."

-- saying attributed to Queen Victoria


Item Origin Description
The Rabbit Report Sir Bridgehead 
(Jim Cox, player)
Report on experiments with certain Sick Bay equipment on board the Anastasia.