The Mora Campaign Log

This log is the free access players' version.  Referee's versions of individual log files exist where appropriate.

(1) Look What We've Found! -- 132-1119 to 163-1119

The research ship HMS Third Eye leaves Mora for a scientific mission on Pimane.  When it gets there the crew find more than they'd expected.

(2) Getting To Know You -- 163-1119 to 164-1119

The mission isn't interrupted by the new arrivals.  In fact, they seem in no hurry to leave.

(3) Camp Crazy Bob -- 164-1119 to 167-1119

Bob's story seems to check out; checking out the zoology sample proves more difficult.

(4) A Triumphant Return -- 167-1119 to 198-1119

The Third Eye returns to Mora.  The Marquis presents his data to the University, while Sir Bridgehead concerns himself with more noble matters.

(5) Good News... Bad News -- 198-1119 to 250-1119

The mission to Gorram starts as planned, but elsewhere matters aren't as fortuitous.

(6) Extraordinary Circumstances -- 250-1119 to 258-1119

Red Zones often present surprises -- but no-one on the Third Eye expected this.

(7) Up Close and Personal -- 259-1119

The scientific mission gets underway.  A simple probe failure becomes a snafu.

(8) Reckless Driving -- 259-1119

It should have been a simple recovery operation, but perhaps some driving lessons might have been wise first.

(9) Probing The Atmosphere -- 260-1119 to 264-1119

The scientific mission advances despite the setbacks.  Meanwhile, repairs are completed and injuries healed.

(10) Revelations -- 265-1119 to 268-1119

The team answers an unexpected Mayday.  As for the scientific mission, the village reveals a surprise, which prompts the Marquis to tell his crew the secret of the Third Eye.

(11) First Contact -- 268-1119

The aliens contact the off-worlders... but not quite how they expected.

(12) Watching the Natives -- 269-1119 to 288-1119

At last, they are able to observe the aliens.

(13) Gorram Strikes Back -- 289-1119

There are two variations of natives -- but it's their prey that proves deadly.

(14) Scanners -- 290-1119 to 293-1119

The natives are friendly... and unfriendly.

(15) Giving Up -- 293-1119 to 297-1119

The Marquis ends the mission early -- but the academics have plenty of data.

(16) Mack the Knife -- 308-1119 to 315-1119

Mich is arrested... and released.

(17) Who Were They? -- 315-1119

The dust settles, but the mystery remains.  Even their new friend can't shed much light on the subject.

(18) Computer Games -- 316-1119 to 338-1119

Hacking other ships brings an interesting response.  It's definitely time to leave.

(19) It Wasn't Me! -- 339-1119 to 340-1119

Archduke Norris seems to think Mich is not important.  So who does?

(20) High Rollers -- 341-1119 to 346-1119

The lure of the Domain Capital nightlife is just too strong.

(21) Same As It Ever Was -- 347-1119 to 017-1120

It's business as usual on Pimane... or is it?

(22) The Party's Over 017-1120 to 026-1120

The party comes to an unexpected end.  The Third Eye investigates the forbidden planet.

(23) All That Doesn't Not Antimatter -- 026-1120 to 043-1120

The Third Eye continues with its mission; speculation runs rife, but answers are notably absent.

(24) A Little Bit Of R&R -- 049-1120 to 091-1120

A side trip to the Marquis' old friend provides some welcome relaxation.

(25) I Don't Think We're In The Imperium Any More -- 097-1120 to 098-1120

On Digitis; things here are different.

(26) Shop-ping! -- 098-1120 to 099-1120

The Marquis' contact can't be contacted, so it's time to look up some information... and spend, spend, spend!

(27) The Sheriff of Cormor -- 099-1120 to 101-1120

It's a long train ride, but Marquis Marc's contact turns out to be most cooperative.

(28) Into The Woods -- 101-1120 to 104-1120

They venture into the enigmatic forest for the first time, and meet their guide.  Mich gets to work on the Engineering tasks.

(29) Hansel And Gretel -- 103-1120 to 106-1120

While Mich stays behind to build a jump drive, the rest of the team are being lead ever deeper into the forest.

(30) Private Lessons -- 105-1120 to 106-1120

While Mich learns more about matter phase inverters, Lap'da is teaching Misha and Helia some things that are quite different.

(31) Overnight Express -- 105-1120 to 107-1120

The team in the forest is worried, and rushes back to the Sheriff's home.  But when they get there, everything seems to be normal.

(32) It's Good To Be Home -- 107-1120 to 110-1120

Everyone re-unites back on board the Third Eye, but with a distinct feeling that they're still missing something.

(33) Out of the Frying Pan -- 110-1120 to 126-1120

They leave the loose ends of Digitis behind, only to find that conditions in the Imperium are not what they expected.

(34) Private Eyes -- 198-1120 to 199-1120

Investigations on the capital of the Domain raise more questions than answers.

(35) Fire Down Below -- 200-1120 to 214-1120

Still more questions, but some answers and a destination.  But there are problems on the way...

(36) In Sickness and in Hell -- 216-1120 to 229-1120

Problems indeed.  Matters go from bad to worse, but at least they're somewhere now.

(37) Blowout -- 229-1120 to 237-1120

Just as they're about to hit the highway, too...

(38) To Be Named -- 237-1120 to 255-1120

A previous session...

(39) To Be Named -- 256-1120 to 269-1120

A previous session...

(40) To Be Named -- 269-1120 to 277-1120

A previous session...

With the departure of the Marquis from the Third Eye, the record of the group is continued in The Misha Campaign.