The Porky's Campaign

Note that the campaign was substantially less thoroughly logged than later campaigns.  As such, there is a limited amount of information available.

Table of Contents

Section Link Including
Campaign Log More Referee's notes than a real  log, it nevertheless documents the basic progress of the campaign.
Crew NPC's Details of the NPC original crew of the Porcupine, including their locations at the time of the assault, and their final stats and/or fate.
Crew Roster The crew of the Porcupine after being captured by the characters
Mining Ship Condition of the mining ship
The Porcupine A reverse-engineered analysis of the Porcupine.
Recovered Equipment Equipment recovered from crew casualties after the assault.
Timeline A series of Referee's notes concerning events.


The Porky's Campaign was run under the Classic Traveller rules (Little Black Books) using all supplements and extra books available at the time.   It is set in the Third Imperium, shorty before the Fifth Frontier War would have started in the canon universe.  At the time of the campaign the year was left unspecified; I am placing it as 1107.