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The Regency Campaign (???-1123 to ???-1123)

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Put travel time tables including 20g acceleration into library data.
Update Marquis Marc's ship configuration.
Finish Santanocheev Rebellion library data entry.
Fill in news vacuum and associated library data.
News item for Adabicci Holocaust.
Other news items for Santanocheev Rebellion?
Portal was opened on 204-1123, news item from Boughene
Retcon Nightshade 8 log Ancient Site info
News items from Regency 19
Festival on Jewell on 285-1123 (Regency 19)
Add Noble Commission to library data

Regency 22 information on Noble Commission.
Regency 19 the Gougeste admission is dependent on Plaven and Algebaster.
Regency 21 disposition of Tukera ships (Tukera has here one outdated destroyer at the gas giant, a destroyer escort in orbit around the mainworld, and one destroyer escort each in the rough locations a ship would arrive from Mongo or Jewell. (Stopped and boarded in orbit))
Robert had 20 liters of klatrin on 111-1121
Hearing about Nakege is when, exactly?
Campaign Journey
Debt number is in Misha 72
Regency news arrives at Jewell on 318
Zel at console 8.

40/1573 (290+291-1123) : Nakege / Jewell / Spinward Marches

Arrive at the Forest Lodge for dinner. Robert, Lucas, Chuck, Teri on board; Kalida, Mich, Zel, Misha, Shark.

Back to Nightshade. Jump for Jewell at 22:00 on 290-1123, so should come out at 296-1123 at 10:00. Back on Imperial time.


296-1123 Jewell

Out of jump at 10:00. 4g, four hours to mainworld. Primary noble terminal, slip 4. Berthed and all sorted out by 15:00.

Mich orders Imperial parts to fix gcarrier.

Kalida to Countess offices, with Misha, Shark in the provided limo. Commission will be meeting on Regina on 008-1124. Rumor. back to ship.

Shark puts in standard personal ad.

Robert: all ships arriving or leaving in the last six months. Baba Yaga was here three days ago, had been here a week. Shark wants to check Lysen and Mongo for the same data.

???-1123 : Jumpspace (from Mora / Mora / Spinward Marches)

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