Jewell Subsector

("B" : Spinward Marches)

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Spinward Marches

The Jewell subsector is fragmented into three distinct areas: an Imperial region answering to the Duke at Regina, a Zhodani military district under the Cronor subsector establishment, and a mutually agreed-upon neutral zone open to both sides, but theoretically demilitarized.  Sometimes known as the Battle subsector, this region was originally settled between 300 and 400 by Imperial colonists.

The Jewell cluster of worlds is heavily fortified, and boasts a large contingent of Imperial troops as well as Naval and Scout forces.  Similarly, the Zhodani-controlled communications link (Chwistyoch - Clan - Farreach) has seen heavy military construction in the decades since the Fourth Frontier War.

Esalin (1004 Spinward Marches C565673-8) is an unusual world in this divided subsector; originally settled by Imperial colonists in 835, it fell to Zhodani advances in 1082.  Its value as an agricultural world, however, led the Zhodani to tolerate the Imperial presence.  When the armistice for the war was signed, it was agreed to allow joint Imperial-Zhodani administration of the world.  In the years since, the world has been the site of increased cooperation between the races.  Esalin has been declared a neutral world in a joint communique (1098) by the Imperial and Zhodani governments.

Utoland has recently been annexed by the Federation of Arden.

The  Federation  of Arden has also recently taken over Zircon from Imperial rule.  As yet, only diplomatic action has been applied to this matter.   Arden maintains a military garrison there.

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