Library Data

I am very grateful to Mark Seeman for providing the text for the canonical library data entries.  His Traveller Library Data pages, accessible from Mark Seemann's Traveller page, are one of the foremost Library Data resources on the web.  Thanks, Mark!
I am also very grateful to Marc Miller of Far Future Enterprises, the Traveller copyright holder, for permission to put these resources on my web pages.

Table of Contents

Section Comments
Master Index Use this to access the data
Canonicity Notes about this Library Data
Organization How this data is organized
References Library Data source references

Master Index

Section Includes
Corporations Companies from Megacorps to small-town businesses
Library Data Everything not covered in other sections
Personalities Notable personalities, past and present
Sectors & Subsectors General information on sectors and subsectors
Timelines Various timelines
World Summaries General information on notable worlds.
(Referee Information Only)


Library Data on these pages refers to My Traveller Universe, which diverges from canon at around 1105.  Averting the Fifth Frontier War changes several entries; also, events after that date are based on my own campaign arc rather than either MT/TNE or G:T.  While some similarities are shared with the G:T timeline, events are not identical; Dulinor still lives, for example.  Having said this, though, I do recommend purchasing a copy of GURPS:Traveller because the background information makes a good introduction to my Traveller game universe.

Entries which depart from canon have the notation -cam MW among their references.  This indicates they may have been modified, sometimes heavily, to fit in with my campaign.  I have retained the original canon references, even if the text of the entry may bear little resemblance to canon.  For actual canonical references, I highly recommend the library data pages of either Mark Seeman or David "Hyphen" Jaques-Watson (see my Traveller Links page).


Rather than include all the data in one index, since this is a simple non-frame site, I've split it into several sections.  I hope it is intuitive where to look for any particular item.  Time constraints make it necessary to concentrate on content rather than presentation -- usability, however, should be perfectly adequate if not perfect.