Glory Of Taarskoerzn

The Glory Of Taarskoerzn, formed in 869, was originally a loose grouping of seven worlds along the edge of the Windhorn Rift.  Shaken by internal turmoil in the late 900s, a new, highly militant government seized power.  The new leadership was heavily influenced by the Church of the Chosen Ones, finding justification for conquest in the Church's teachings.  The Taarskoerzn military recognized its weakness, however, as it was a small force established in the midst of comparative giants.

The Glory Of Taarskoerzn leaders especially hated their existence in the shadow of the powerful Irrgh Manifest, immediately to rimward.  They have made no secret of their intention to seek vengeance against the Manifest when the right time comes.  That time has still not yet come -- a Fifth Frontier War may have been the opportunity they were looking for, but that has been averted by the Treaty of Quar between the Imperium and the Zhodani Consulate.

It is now considered merely a small but fanatical government in Provence sector, although border raids constantly keep Imperial forces busy.  Taarskoerzn naval forces are augmented by corsair mercenaries, such as the Vaenggvae corsair group.

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