Zhodani Consulate

A large region spinward of the Domain of Deneb inhabited by the human major race known as the Zhodani.  Though similar in most respects to other human races, the Zhodani tend to be taller and more lithe of build than Solomani or Vilani.  Their most notable difference lies in their acceptance and use of psionics.  Zhodani society is based on a rigid class system defined by psionic abilities.  Because of their psionic talents, the Zhodani have the most effective authoritarian rule in history. The Tavrchedl' (referred to as the "Thought Police" by many Imperial inhabitants) are a special branch of psionic operatives charged with maintaining correct thought within the population.

The Imperial anti-psionic policies have been a long-standing point of dispute between the regions.  Relations have improved greatly with the signing of the Treaty of Quar, although much distrust remains -- the Zhodani comprised the major opposition force during the Frontier Wars, being the driving force of the Outworld Coalition.

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