Cleon III

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Cleon III: In the dynastic crisis caused by the death of Martin II without direct issue, Cleon Zhunastu, great-great-great-grandson of Cleon II by direct first issue, appeared to be the most legitimate claimant to the throne. Born in 201, proclaimed emperor by the Moot in 244, assassinated in 245. Known also as Cleon the Mad, it appears that while his claim to the throne was flawless, he was not. His behavior in office (he resolved disagreements within his cabinet by shooting vocal opponents) soon convinced surviving members of the government that he was a homicidal maniac, and a decision to dispose of him was made and implemented in short order. The decision to depose a ruling emperor was not made lightly, but was agreed upon not only by those nobles closest to the emperor himself, but also by a secret meeting of the Moot, which ordered Cleon's assassination. Porfiria was chosen by lot as Cleon's heir, and succession was accomplished by the right of assassination. -emp IE