Greindahl (1060-)

Hiver story-teller living on Anaxias (1724 Delphi) and said to be very good friends with Margaret.  A very skilled writer, Greindahl is the author of, among other works, Libels on Cleon I (1090), Castles of Arrogancies (1097), Quiet quitting (1102), Tidal Forces (1108) and The Stars and their Shines (1114).

Several of Greindahl's works have been dramatized.  Most famous is probably Hivernation (1111) which was made into a highly acclaimed holovid by Gege Anderson in 1115.  Almost infamous instead of famous is Requiem for a K'kree (1092) which was made into a low-budget holovid in 1109.  In this story, Greindahl demonstrates the Hiver animosity towards K'kree to such an extent that the work has been accused of racism.

Greindahl's stories are never easy to predict and almost always greatly entertaining, although never easy to understand.  The prose is flowing but delicate, with many fine euphemisms and metaphors.  The theme revolves around Hiver Manipulators, which seemingly has helped to exacerbate common imperial attitudes towards the Hive Federation.  Greindahl is not very popular among other Hivers.

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