Anderson, Gege (1071-)

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Anderson, Gege (1071-): Famous holovid director born on Lendining (2621 Massilia) 215-1071. After attending the holovid directors school on Lendining, Anderson began as an assistant to various local directors. He had his debut in 1098 with a Party like nothing else, which won much critical acclaim. Other works include Dry Ground (1100), the Tourniquet (1102), the Adimigli Revelation (1105) and Lowers Find Again (1112).

A special place in the works of Anderson is reserved for Hivernation (1115), which won the Golden Trinary at the Dasmasueg holovid festival on Folquette (1028 Core) in 1116. The holovid is based on a manuscript by Greindahl - a Hiver living on Anaxias (1724 Delphi) - and is widely believed to be one of the most convoluted plots ever concieved. Hivernation is about a group of humans who are frozen by some Hivers, because the hivers are curious about suspended animation. When the humans later wake up, they believe themselves to be moved in time and place, until one of them discover that they have only been led to believe this. This turns out to be wrong, and from here the plot is a chinese box of assumptions, and the characters involved has to ask themselves, if they just want to believe, or if they want to know the truth.

Andersons style is fairly no-nonsensical with little room for sentiment or humor. Although he's never been much loved by the general public, critics and intellectuals all over the Imperium and beyond has proclaimed him to be the greatest living holovid director in the Imperium. -cam MS