Esui (2729 Riftspan Reaches B2004K6-E)

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Esui (2729 Riftspan Reaches B2004K6-E): Tiny and inhospitable, Esui orbits Ftalrie, a ringed gas giant. Two frozen seas bear witness to a warmer past, when tidal forces heated this moon's core. Now, Esui is little more than an unimpressive ball of rock and ice.

The Esui system is a mandatory stopping point on the jump-5 route across the Great Rift, but the world itself has never been commercially developed. Instead, the clans of the region have jointly constructed a memorial to the many Aslan who died while exploring the sector.

The Shrine of the Rift lies at the heart of the memorial complex. Tended by a small group of clan representatives, the Shrine houses relics and holographic recordings of past Aslan explorers. Travellers crossing the Rift often stop at the Shrine to meditate on the lives and actions of the heroic wanderers who preceded them. -rr TD 19