Gemid (1903 Vland A423979-G)

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Gemid (1903 Vland A423979-G): Offworlders have rarely visited this world except to purchase its famous high tech weaponry, especially its neurotoxins.

Gemid's high population and scarce resources have led to the custom of ritual killing of the old. Before a person can have children, his own parents must be dead, and if they are not dead when a child is born, they are expected to be killed shortly after the new birth.

Culturally, Gemidians adapt to this custom in various ways. It is common for married couples to wait until they are in their forties or fifties before starting a family (this is possible thanks to Gemid's high medical technology). Children of important figures in society may hold off having children of their own until the parent has died a natural death. Some elderly individuals, wanting to free the way for new children, also voluntarily submit to a premature death.

A naval base -- an experimental tech level 16 naval facility --  is fortified here to keep the Vargr and neighboring non-aligned states from getting at Gemid's military technology. However, no pressure is being exerted to bring the world into the Imperium, because of its unusual culture.

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