Haden (0830 Daibei X66A630-6)

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Haden (0830 Daibei X66A630-6): Red Zone. A few hundred sea-faring ship captains rule the three million inhabitants of Haden's islands. They hunt the gatuf (a local sea creature) for its valuable oil, which is the planet's prime source of fuel. The sea captains are also the only ones who can fight off the tarmo, a savage deep-sea creature that often lurks near beaches, attacking beach walkers, swimmers, and boats.

Before this world was declared a red zone, naive off-worlders would visit Haden, only to disappear from the island beaches with shocking regularity. Only a shred of clothing or other belongings near tell-tale tarmo marks on the beach would testify to their fate. The local sea captains forbade further landings and dismantled the rudimentary starport. They requested the Travellers' Aid Society to classify the world a red zone.

The council of sea captains is the only constituted authority on the planet, when they are away at sea the islands are without leadership. Orderly behavior is necessary to counteract the threats of this environment, so even when the captains are away at sea, society remains organized and structured. -dai TD 15