Hlao (1719 Dark Nebula X7698CB-5)

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Hlao (1719 Dark Nebula X7698CB-5): Hlao is a world under strict control of the government. However, unlike on most planets with restrictive laws, the people of Hlao are actually happy with their rulers. Years ago, the world's economy was on the verge of collapse, and crime was rampant, as was governmental corruption. Through a bloodless coup, a small group of men, mostly academicians, backed up by some high-level enforcers and army officers, ousted the old government. Since then, through the implementation of stringent controls, the economy has been turned around, crime is virtually nonexistent, and the population once more has faith in its leaders.

The controls placed on daily life by the oligarchy make things difficult for outsiders, and the punishments are swift and harsh. The death penalty is often invoked for any felony conviction. Because of the harsh, repressive laws, the Traveller's Aid Society has classified Hlao as a Red Zone. -dn S&A