Lintl (0503 Reft B739AEE-F)

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Lintl (0503 Reft B739AEE-F): A cold world, Lintl is the capital of Vestus Subsector. Its 39 billion inhabitants are bound by the constraints of the local religion (URP A74015-A). Lintl is governed by three autarch-priests, who interpret and execute the demands of the faith.

In Lintlian belief, all beings are elements of a mass consciousness, the Totality. The Totality is defined as the sum of all individual minds. By living according to the standards of the faith, each individual can maintain his contact with the Totality after death; otherwise, he is condemned to an endless future of complete mental isolation.

The autarch-priests have inculcated this belief into the minds of the populace, linking the world's laws with the religion of the masses. Despite Lintl's high population, order is maintained through a dogma of fear. -ref TD 20