Strat (0318 Old Expanses A9BA8A8-F)

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Strat (0318 Old Expanses A9BA8A8-F): The need for head-to-toe protection when out in the air or ocean of Strat has produced a curious cultural twist. People wear head-to-toe clothing at all times, even indoors. Anything that necessitates opening or removing parts of this clothing is considered private and even obscene. One never eats in public, for instance. Medicine is an unpopular profession because of the need for personal contact, and a great deal is done by mechanical means such as medibooths.

The king of Strat is a progressive, enlightened monarch who encourages offworld trade in every possible way. This does not include trying to change his own culture. Visitors need to conform to local custom or people simply will not deal with them. -oe TD 12