Trokusian (0505 Core B1306AE-A)

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Trokusian (0505 Core B1306AE-A): Amber Zone. The Grand Marquis Trenz Rugar, the current ruler of Trokusian, is the most recent in a long line of dictators whose word is law on the world. The military police force sees to it that the populace obeys the current ruler's laws to the letter.

Offworlders may travel through the orbital starport, which Trokusian considers extraterritorial. However, Trokusian requires offworlders to purchase an array of permits in order to be allowed to travel to the downport on the world's surface.

Trokusian is a tiny desert world; its 7.5 million inhabitants live mainly in cast ironite dwellings, conditioned and sealed against the harsh conditions on the surface. The world's exports include ironite (a plaster with metal-like properties), and many varieties of natural crystals. -core TD 8