News Services


Several News Services cover varies areas.  Inside the Imperium, the Traveller News Service (TNS) holds a virtual monopoly; while local papers cover small areas, the TNS is by far the most reliable and most widespread newswire.  The Zhodani Consulate newswire system is run by the government, and thus is often considered propaganda by citizens from elsewhere.  In Foreven sector, a veterans' network -- known locally as the Yonder Veterans Network -- performs a similar function to the TNS, although obviously on a much smaller scale; like the TNS, the YVN is an independent organization that can generally be relied on to present unbiased reports.

Traveller News Service

These entries are available in the Imperium and in many surrounding systems; propagation time may restrict the availability of entries, as they are distributed through the Xboat network.

Yonder Veterans Network

Note: These entries are generally only available in Foreven Sector; players should refrain from referencing them unless their character currently has them available through some agency, such as a local YVN branch or civilian or military computer network.  Unfiltered YVN information is not available everywhere in Foreven, though.